This Site Is Dedicated To The Memory Of Andrews Field And All Those Who Played Or Were A Part Of This Great Sports Complex.
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My Reflections of Andrews Field

By Ann Hatchett.

I can’t believe Andrews Field will no longer exist.
Just think of all the fun that will be missed.
No one can erase the fun my family has had.
To this place we came as mom and dad.

Our four daughters entertained in this place.
You might call Andrews our home base.
The memories begin to flood my mind.
No sweeter pictures could I ever find.

The smell of the old feed mill would tickle my nose.
And I remember many first base overthrows.
On field one we love the concrete stands.
I can still hear the clapping of many hands.

The concessions stands have moved around.
No better pickle sickles or nachos can be found.
I love the sound of the ball hitting the glove.
Everything about this place I dearly love.

Our girls’ childhood would not be complete.
Without the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat.
I love watching a fan opening his chair.
And now there are even tents to share.

I love the crack of the bat.
I love those cleats and ball hats.
We have many t-shirts that embrace the game.
Written in bold the tournament’s name.

They can’t close this treasured place.
It would be a slap in many a little girl’s face.
My girls still have friends with which they played.
Many life long memories were made.

Hitting, catching, sitting in the dugout.
Yelling those many cheers with a shout.
You can’t put a price tag on such fun.
They played in the mud, rain and sun.

Please help me, tell me what I can do.
To insure that my granddaughters will have memories too.
I know the veterans must have a place to rest.
But closing this field makes me sad, I confess.

Fort Smithians know that this place will soon be gone.
But these little girls deserve a place of their own.
The future of our children is at stake.
What better investment can Fort Smith make?

A place for our girls to come play
A top notch complex that will stay.
As a mother and grandmother I pledge to do my part.
No more Fort Smith softball would break my heart.

I’m asking others for their support.
We deserve a nice softball complex at the Fort.

A Softball Journey

By Becky Houston

As the car slowly turned the corner, the two men were visible standing on the curb; clutching their thin jackets closer against the harsh chill of the last winds of winter.

They carried on a muffled conversation. As the car pulled up beside them, they turned to greet the newcomer with dirty smiles peeking from their, tan, weathered faces. The little girl in the backseat was oblivious to the fact that these two would impact the next ten years of her life.

With gentle prodding from her mother, the timid child climbed out of the automobile, and into the world of softball. The two men that claimed to be her new coaches somewhat frightened the girl.

The first was a scrawny, little man with slick blonde hair and a stiff mustache to match. The other was quite the opposite. He was a stout, heavyset man with a curly mass of brown hair and a full beard. Their names were Mike and Karl, respectively. These two would always seem as one to this new little softball player.

As the summer progressed, the small girl grew to love the sport and the men who guided her through it. Each man was different, yet the same. It was as if the two best coaches were rolled into one. The young child began to look forward to games and practices. She had found her place. It was here that she belonged, and two men made it all possible.

Mike seemed to be in charge, and directed the girls in their play. He had a firm, but gentle attitude in his instruction. Karl was the morale builder. He made each player feel special and needed. He was like a big teddy bear, always there no matter what.

Together, these two men built the confidence, courage, and skill of twelve little girls, a feat deemed impossible by many.

These twelve girls were led through an eventful summer of sun, dirt, and sportsmanship. They learned many plays and rules, but softball was not the only knowledge gained.
Integrity and camaraderie were also included in the lesson plans.

Twelve little girls came together and cooperated, somewhat,
to earn a third place trophy. This team consisted of inexperienced little softball players, but also included some valuable dreams which were brought to life by the hands of Mike and Karl.

One small girl in particular, still, to this day, feels tremendous gratitude toward the two men that opened the door to a very unique place in her life. Ten years of softball accumulated memories and lessons that will never be forgotten despite any number of losses.

VIDEO: Goodbye Andrews Field Fort Smith, AR.

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